The current framework is called Zeus-Framework. It is built out of different modules such as Basics, Mathematics, Pervasive Computing and Image Processing.

It serves as framework for the development of

It supports you in

Zeus bring you following advantages like:

xIDL: Extended Interface Definition Language

With the eXtended Interface Definition Language xIDL a generic language is used to define module and class interfaces for various programming languages. The language is XML based and allows customized extensions. Therefore it is very flexible and extensible. More...

C++ Implementation

The C++ implementation of Zeus-Framework runs on different platforms such as Mac-OSX, Linux and Windows. It's portable to other modern operating systems. More...

C# Implementation

The C# implementation of Zeus-Framework is tested on Windows and uses .Net-Version 4 at least. The current deployed framework version contains the basic functionality only. More...

Open Source Project

The Zeus-Framework is open source (see LGPL lizence). If you are interested working on this project as well, let me know. You'll find my E-Mail here.